Hello internet world! My name is Samantha. I’m also known as Sam, Sammy, Sammie, Sammy Anne and Spam. (Did I miss any variations, family?) I lead an extremely blessed life. The Lord has loaned me two gorgeous children, one handsome husband, a cute puppy and an incredible family. I am a mama who is trying to balance all these titles The Lord has given me…and He has given me so many.


I am a Christian. Above all, I strive to live for Christ. He saved me from a horrible sin filled life when I was 13. My very best friend was sick. I didn’t really understand the depth of her sickness, I just knew it was bad. She had colon cancer. I remember standing in the hall of the hospital, watching her being wheeled away. I remember my Mom crying into her older brother’s shoulder and I didn’t quite know why. My Granny had always been the strong one. Nothing could take her down. Deep in my heart though, I was hurting and my grasping soul needed something to cling to. My sister invited me to her church that evening. I went and I found a love that I never knew before. I knew that I needed to hang onto this love. The love of a God who was bigger than monsters in the closet, bigger than any pain I could feel and bigger than an awful disease. I needed Christ. I remember going to the hospital when Granny was out of surgery and excitedly telling her what happened. My Granny beat colon cancer, thanks to our mighty God. I started attending church regularly. This particular church taught me about true sacrifice and what living a life for Christ truly meant.  A year later, it would lead me to Calvary Christian School because I didn’t want to “stand out” wearing skirts all the time. Best. Decision. Ever. I sat under the sound of preaching from Mr. Creech every single day. I fought what I heard. I fought with my classmates. I fought with my teachers. I fought with that still small voice in my mind telling me that this was right. FINALLY, after 3 years of being completely stubborn, I was sitting in a youth meeting. I remember thinking “this just isn’t right.” I started going to “work meetings” and would really sneak off to Calvary to hear the Wednesday night preaching to feed my hungry soul. I talked to one of my teachers about it, who grew to be an amazing advisor to me during the back half of my high school career. She helped me understand that Calvary is where I needed to be. She told me I needed to respect my mom and dad, and talk to them. With tears in my eyes, I told my parents I was leaving the church. The church that I had convinced them to go to. They were receptive, and let me go.  I felt an immediate release. It was incredible. I’ve been at Calvary sitting under the preaching of God’s Word ever since. Am I perfect? Not by a long shot. Is my life easy? Nope! Is the Christian life really supposed to be? No. It is a daily struggle. Every morning I wake up, I am faced with a decision. Am I going to let my light shine for Christ or am I going to hide Him under the darkness of a sorry attitude? Am I going to allow His joy to flood my heart or mope around focused on everything that is going wrong? It’s a choice. Some days, I slip and let my human nature consume me. Those are the days I look upon with sadness. However, there are other days where I find myself totally surrendered to The Lord and nothing can get to me. Those are the days I strive to have every day! It’s up to me to choose Him. He’s always waiting for me, like He’s always waiting for you. Praise The Lord, He saved me.

I am a mommy. I have two beautiful babies, Gabriel Pierce and Daisy Lane. They light up my life! Gabe is a sweet hearted 5 year old who loves everyone he meets. He’s a very easy going kid who loves to play swords, robots and legos. Recently, he was promoted to big brother. Watching him with his little sister is truly incredible. He’s so gentle and helpful. She was crying one night while my husband was bringing things in from the car. Gabe ran to the fridge, got a bottle out and tried to feed her. Joe (my husband) asked what he was doing and he said “She was crying Daddy so I needed to feed her!” Best. Big. Bro. Ever. Daisy is 6 weeks old as of this post. She is a very adorable little girl with a big personality. When she is happy, she has a big gorgeous grin and huge bright eyes! BUT (yes, there is a but) when she is mad, you better duck for cover…or at least go for the ear plugs. She is such a blessing and a pure joy to our hearts. She is our miracle baby, which I will talk about in a later post. I am able to stay home to raise our babies, and I couldn’t be happier about that. Watching them grow and seeing them hit their milestones, has done nothing but make my mommy heart grow each day. The Lord has given me a glimpse of His love for me through these two precious souls. How amazing is His love!

Aren’t we precious?!

I am a wife. I met my dear husband when I was a new student at Calvary. This guy was sitting at a table and he said “Hi, I’m Joe.” He was pretty adorable and such a gentleman. One day, we were all talking about middle names and he said his was Benjamin. “Benji!!!!” Yup. From then on that was his name. Benji and I grew closer as friends. Like most teenage girls, I had a boyfriend at the time, so Benji was just my best bud. I would turn around in class and talk to him about all my problems. He would listen so intently and always have a kind word of advice. I kinda liked that. By the time tenth grade rolled around, I had a huge crush on this guy. (Don’t worry, I broke up with said boyfriend.) I told my friend Maura about how I was feeling. She told him, but he didn’t believe her. (Come on man!) Anyways, I finally nervously wrote him a note telling him how I felt. He wrote me back…like 5 days later, talk about a panic attack…and told me he felt the same. After that, he became “Joe” to me. 13 years and 2 kids later, we’re still falling in love every day. We balance each other out in every way. I tend to be a little shy, he tends to be more outspoken. I can go a little crazy with my spontaneity, and he reigns me back in, all while I bring him a little out of his comfort zone. God hand made him just for me, I have no doubt.

I am a runner. I am a woman of many hobbies, but my FAVORITE one is running. It is my stress relief. My running journey really began when my Granny passed away in late 2013. She lost the battle to lung cancer and my world was shattered. I found it hard to breathe. You know that homesick feeling you got at camp as a child? Like your parents were never coming back for you and you would have to live alone forever? That became my reality. I had dabbled in running before, but I became serious about it then. I wanted to run because it made my lungs burn. It made me thankful that they were working and that even though I was in pain, there were some who would give anything to feel that pain and to know that their lungs were working. So I ran harder. I fell in love with the feeling of being free. Free to go as fast as I could and as far as I could, and to escape reality for a while. I completed my first marathon last year in the wonderful world of Disney. It was the most grueling, amazing, tough and fantastic thing I’ve ever done. I’ve completed numerous 5ks, one 10 miler, two half marathons and one full. I just got cleared by my doctor to start back up after a pretty tough pregnancy, so now I am training for another half marathon in November. My husband is training too and I couldn’t be more excited! Anyway, I know there will be numerous running posts, so I’ll just leave this here.

WDW Marathon 2016

This is me. A Christian first, a mommy, a wife and a runner. I started this blog to keep up with the goings on in my life because I am way to absent minded to remember it all. Also, maybe to reach out to other mama’s who are trying to balance it all. I hope you all enjoy!

PS. If you made it this far, congratulations, you deserve a cupcake! (Seriously, go get one. They’re yummy and life is too short.)