My life as a Mommy is truly, very blessed. Some days though. Some days, I feel like I’m absolutely killing it as a Mom! We have our breakfast with eggs, toast and milk. I clean the table with actually water. Baby squish (Daisy) is happily cooing away while I change her and get her dressed in the morning. I am able to do an awesome Bible time and build crazy robots with Gabe. I fix lunch consisting of an actual put together sandwich, while balancing the baby over my shoulder. Hey, sometimes we even go crazy and get some Mac n cheese on the table! Then we play outside for a while in the gorgeous sunshine, with the birds chirping away and bunny rabbits sweetly hopping through the woods. Everyone gets a little sleepy, so we lay down for an incredible two hour nap where the house is completely silent and mommy gets a moment alone. I wake the baby up around 4:30 and get her fed after I put dinner in the oven. My darling husband comes home at 5:25 on the dot and we enjoy the rest of our evening as a little family. The kids go down easily for bed and I get to chat with Joe for a bit about things that don’t concern animated cartoon characters or various bodily functions. These days…are beautiful.

Then there are the other days. Those days where the baby is screaming from the second she wakes up. Eating, changing, bouncing, singing- NOTHING calms her down. I struggle to get open those stubborn packs of pop tarts, while my 5 year old chants (LOUDLY) something in some secret kid language that I have yet to figure out. I try to quickly scarf down some yogurt in between bouncing the baby and chasing the dog, who has run away again, down the street. By now it’s almost 11:30 and everyone is still in PJ’s. I change baby squish who pees on me. Twice. Then we have to do an unplanned bath time. Oh look, more pee in the water. Yay! Finally, we finish bath time and the clothes I pick out don’t fit her anymore. *Cue screaming baby* After frantically rummaging through baby clothes, I find an outfit that fits. It may not match, but IT FITS, so on it goes. I go downstairs to find a mountain of toys piled in the floor. I dance around legos and darts to grab a lunchable out of the fridge for Gabe and then it’s time to feed the baby again. Since it took him an hour to eat his lunchable, it’s now “nap time.” He goes to his room and I tuck him in bed. Daisy falls asleep on my after that, but when I set her down, it’s like a siren goes off. Her eyes shoot open, her Paci goes flying and she starts screeching like a cat who was just thrown in water. Meanwhile, Gabe is down the hall jumping off of his bed and crashing to the floor. Now it’s all about survival until Daddy gets home. When he does, I long for some mommy time and feel the need to use it to clean up after the days events. All too soon, it’s time for bed. One plus is, we’re all still in our PJ’s so nobody needs to even change. We crash…well some of us do. Others decide night time is party time. Eventually though everyone knocks out for at least a few glorious hours, before we get back up and start again. These days…are beautiful.

Anybody feel me here? 😉

Most days are a good mix. However, every day The Lord gives me with these precious children is a gift. Mommying is hard. Having worked outside the home and then in the home, I can honestly say both are challenging in different ways. Kudos to working moms and SAH moms. I’m so blessed I get to raise my children at home and watch their little lives develop moment by moment. The days go by so slow, and yet so fast. I’m trying to hang on to every single minute. I find myself just staring at my littles trying to freeze time. I know this time in my life is fleeting. One day I won’t have to worry about feeding schedules, skinned knees, spit up on my clothes or stepping on legos. But I know I’ll be wishing I did. I try to remind myself of this on the days when everything seems to fall apart and I “get nothing done.” Oh but I do get something done. I get kisses on the cheek, little arms wrapped around my neck, tears on my shoulder, laughter in my ears, smiles in my heart and snuggles to wrap myself up in when my babies are grown and gone. I get memories made, and that is quite enough for this Mama.