Ah Saturdays. Saturday is looked forward to with ridiculous excitement all week long in the Garrison household. It’s the one day a week where we have absolutely nothing going on and no where to be. Daddy is home and we ALL sleep in. You read that right. My 6 week old even knows that Saturday is for being lazy. (She slept till 9:45 you guys!!!) We slowly wake up and usually hang out in the living room for a bit, before we finally decide to get ready and head out on a family adventure. We’ve done lots of crazy things in the past. Random beach trips, mall shopping, Discovery Place, park hopping (yes, thats a thing in the preschool club) and so many other little things. We always try to make these days, the days to remember.

Just this past summer, we woke up one Saturday and decided to take Gabey to the beach. We drove all the way to Myrtle Beach, SC and we were eating at our favorite place. Hamburger Joe’s. I’m going to go down a bunny trail for a minute. Guys, that place is amazing. It is cash only, but it has the most AMAZING burgers and BBQ sandwiches I’ve ever had. If you’re ever in Myrtle Beach, do your tummy a favor and head there. Back off the bunny trail now. We were eating and I had sent my sister (hey Jen!) a message asking what beach access had the showers…because riding home with sand in your shorts is horrible. She then proceeded to tell me about a water quality warning that was in effect. Boo. We drove two and a half hours with one excited little Moose and now we couldn’t even play in the water?! Unacceptable! Joe and I nervously looked at each other, neither of us having to say a word. The looks on our faces spelled out “well what do we do now?!” So I immediately start trying to think of other things to do that didn’t cost a lot of money. Water park? Five million dollars. Broadway at the Beach? Eight million dollars. Putt-putt? Oh, just give me your first born. I love Gabe too much for that. Okay. Think Sam. Then BINGO! We will just drive half an hour up the coast to Ocean Isle! Winner, winner! I’m still waiting on my medal, by the way.

We drove up over the gigantic bridge with Gabey looking through the window at all the beach houses and beautiful sparkling water. It was gorgeous. We parked and made our trek to the beach. I sat on the sun kissed shore, watching my son jump over the waves and crash down into the surf. My husband was not too far behind, cheering his boy on. Seashells were washing up all around my feet and I even found a few treasures to take home. The breeze perfectly balanced out the heat of the sun, making it the perfect beach day. At one point, Joe and Gabe disappeared for a while. It turns out that they got locked in a bathroom on the pier! Not funny, but pretty funny. Joe had to basically knock down the door to get them out. I sat oblivious staring out at the waves while all this went down behind me. There are still a lot of laughs about that! Anyway, we spent two or three hours playing, hunting for shells and fending seagulls off of our snacks. Sadly the day had come to an end and it was time to go. We gathered our things and drove away covered in salt, sand, and blessings. It was a beautiful, beautiful day.

My boys. 

Not all Saturdays are as adventurous as that one, but we always make sure we do something together as a family. It strengthens us. My challenge to you is to take a day, or even a couple hours, each week and spend it with your family. Put the phones away and just live in the moment with the ones you love. Play a game, go bowling, watch a movie and eat junk food- just spend time making memories. Time spent can never be replaced. No amount of money or presents can match its worth. The Lord loans us these precious people, don’t take time with them for granted.