Today was the first day that I took both babies out solo to the Mart of Wal. (Walmart in case you’ve had a crazy Monday too. 😉 ) It was insane! I should’ve known better than to make this hallmark trip on the day before Valentine’s Day. Everyone and their brother was in there. People buying fragrant flowers, huge overstuffed bears and expensive chocolates filled the aisles as I pushed my two kiddos along.

Everything was going well, until we hit the grocery section. Baby Squishes decided the cart was simply not for her. Being the awesome mom I am, I left her carrier at home. Uh oh. So now I’m walking around with a two month old who is screaming like a cat who was just tossed into the ocean and a five year old who is determined to help me push the over flowing shopping cart. One woman passed us by and said “you have your hands full!” I wanted to say “you should see my heart” and “no duh” simultaneously. Anyways, after what seemed like days of stopping, readjusting, shushing, and kisses, we FINALLY hobbled our way up to the checkout. Rows and rows of anxious shoppers with carts piled high filled the lanes. We filed in line behind someone when I heard a very loud voice say, “You come jump in line in fronta me.” God bless you, you dear woman! Over we walked.

In the midst of the seven thank you’s coming from me, Gabey was eyeing those Doritos. Ya know, they always put the things that kids want right there at the checkout. If you say yes, you look like a push over. If you say no, you look like the wicked witch of Moore County. I simply told him no, we have chips at home. “Please, mama, please?!” “No buddy, we have some at home.” “No we don’t!” *cue mommy head desk* “Well we will see about it when we get there.” I unloaded the groceries onto the table as the cashier began ringing up the items. Between balancing the baby, trying to get the bags in the cart and Gabey trying to use his muscles to hoist a gallon of water up to the cashier- we were a sight. The kind lady who let us pass her was behind us listening and watching. She then leaned in and asked “Can I please buy him those chips? He’s such a good little helper and a sweet little boy.” In the midst of all the chaos, my world seemed to stop. I had encountered nothing but grumpy people rushing around, all but knocking us over. Then this sweet soul appeared. “That would be just fine. How sweet of you!” She walked over and picked out the bag Gabe had been staring at. “Here you go little man.” The look on my son’s face was akin to that of buying a little girl a magical unicorn.  I told him to go say thank you. My dear, dear boy walked over to her and gave her the biggest hug as he thanked her. The woman, cashier and whole line let out a big “Awwwww! What a sweetheart!” Yes. Yes he is.

While trying to move through the store as fast as possible, I neglected to see how much my tiny man wanted to help. Instead of thanking him and appreciating him for trying to push the cart, or for trying to help me lift the heavy items up, I told him to stop this and stop that. All his precious heart wanted to do was help his Mommy. We have raised a little gentleman and that is something to be encouraged. Slow down Mama. Slow down.

Yes, it was a pretty stressful trip. I guess all first time trips as a mom trying to handle two kids will be a little hard. But we’ll learn. We did learn. I learned that I want to have that kind of giving spirit that the lady in Walmart had. She may not have realized just how much her generous gestures impacted me, but they did tremendously. She gave us her time and generosity, instead of a look of pity. She made me stop and think about how my son is such a treasure. He is developing a giving, helpful heart, like The Lord wants us to have. I want to be more like him. And I hope that when I am older, and see a young mom balancing her little ones, I will go out of my way to help her. Even if it’s as simple as buying a bag of Dorito’s.