It’s been a while! Like, a long while! It will never cease to amaze me how two tiny little people can take up so much time. From the time they wake up until the time they “go to bed,” we go, go, go. But I love it and wouldn’t trade it.

So right now, both my kids are napping (or having quiet time), and that means I have  a few free moments to myself. While typing, I’m also scarfing down my lunch just in case tiny squish wakes up. Speaking of, she’s not so tiny anymore! FIVE MONTHS have gone by since we first said “hello.” Where has that time gone? Then there is my FIVE YEAR old who is going to be taller than me by the first grade. I’m calling it. He has grown so much over the past few months, both physically and emotionally. Time with a new sibling in the house can be hard on the older sibling, as I’m learning. The constant attention to the new baby often leaves my eldest vying for attention. He’s done beautifully, but I can tell that sometimes, he just needs to be the focus. Don’t we all? Don’t we all have moments where we just want to scream “look what I’ve done!” or “listen to me please!”

This throws me into what our Savior needs from me. I get so wrapped up in the day to day. Feeding times, play times, Bible times, learning times, nap times etc. that oftentimes I rush through or overlook my time spent alone with my Father. How often do I just sit back and thank Him for what He is doing in my life? For giving me these precious souls to watch after and bring up in His ways? Motherhood is hectic, but it is the most beautiful gift I’ve ever received. My children were chosen by Him, to be my children here on earth. They are treasures and should be treated as such. Loved on, valued and dedicated back to Christ. I need to be an example to them of how a Christian should live day to day. They spend almost every waking second with me, so my life is going to be what they mirror. What am I teaching them? Where is my focus? Instead of saying “look at me God, look at what I’m doing” I need to say “thank you Father, for all You are doing.” My focus should be on Him and His will alone. I know I’ve probably used this analogy before, but I need to be reminded of it. Stare at a point or object for a few minutes. Don’t move your gaze away. The room around you and all other objects grow dark. Everything blurs out except for what you’re staring at. That is exactly how focused I need to be on Christ and His plan for me. He is the light and the way. If I follow my own path, there is no light there. I will be a big mess of tripping and flailing around until I find my way back to Him. His light will show me those obstacles in my way, and even if (when) I trip, my Father’s loving hands will be reaching out for me, to guide me back on His way. What an incredible God we serve.

And with that, baby squish is awake. Thank you Father, for my tiny miracles.